Garden Lighting

Lighting your garden can produce some dramatic effects. From simple path lighting to creating a stunning night time setting, Polarity Electrical can supply and install all the required specialist fittings and wiring. We will work with you and / or you garden design consultant to give you an installation that is is safe, effective and efficient.

When planning your garden lighting, the golden rule is LESS IS MORE.


Here is a selection of the different effects that can be created

Wall Wash Lighting

The key is not to have a blanket of light.

Wall wash lighting
Tree uplighting

Tree Uplighting

The branches will provide an interesting point of visual interest and reflect a soft light onto the garden.

Uplighting Against A Fence Or Wall

This works well at the end of the garden and makes the space appear larger.

Fence uplighting
Silhouette lighting


Position the light behind and below the object to cause a spectacular effect.

Feature Lighting

Illuminate only the feature for an imposing effect.

Feature lighting
Accent lighting

Accent Lighting

Position intense and focused light near the base of an ornament.